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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Best-Practise Tools and Sophisticated Algorithms for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

At CWS Consulting, we have a broad understanding of logistics in the sense of supply chain management, dealing with a variety of problems along the supply chain, such as

  • inbound transportation and supply networks,
  • outbound transportation and dispatch/delivery networks,
  • inter-plant logistics and production networks,
  • intra-plant logistics, layout planning and material flow optimisations,
  • warehouse planning and optimisation,
  • packaging planning and optimisation,
  • inventory management and working capital optimisation,
  • sustainable waste management and green logistics accounting,
  • supplier qualifications and monitoring,
  • contract and tender management.

thereby optmising logistics costs, shortening lead times, or designing sustainable ‘green’ logistics processes.

In past projects, both state-of-the art algorithms and simulation models have been deployed alongside traditional best-practise planning methods and principles.

We are currently offering the following courses:

  • Logistics Planning Workshop: Top 7 Logistics Planning Tools (2 days)
  • Best-Practise Tendering of Logistics Services (1 day)
  • Best-Practise Approaches of Transport Optimisation (1 day)
  • Best-Practise Approaches of Packaging Planning (1 day)

Please contact us to obtain a non-binding offer for one of the courses above. We are constantly extending the scope of our logistics training activities. Should you require more specific training topics, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a custom-made training offer.

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